The Best Smart Speaker 2022

The Best Smart Speaker 2022

Last Updated on June 30, 2022 by Timothy M. Delapaz

Do you know what is the Best Smart Speaker 2022  in the market? This article talks about the top 5 best smart speakers in the market that are available for purchase.


The best smart speaker for you in 2022 will be able to read your emotions and respond to them, take your pulse and diagnose an illness, teach you a new language, or even play the music of your favorite band. It will provide you with endless entertainment options, but most importantly it will give you the security that comes from having a trusted companion at home. Let’s look at what we can expect from our smart homes in two years. Who will make the best smart speaker? Amazon, Google, and Apple have made it to this list before. Their latest releases are upgrading their personal assistants’ skills which include producing spot-on dubstep beats, knowing about your sleeping style, or even answering straightforward questions (like how many cups of coffee you had today). The consumer is getting involved in a conversation with a personal assistant from the beginning of it.

When more brands enter this market space, the border between conversational and assistant will become blurred. In other words, you won’t be able to know whether a device is an AI bot or a human trainer by using your voice with it as certain smart speakers may behave like humans out of courtesy and ego playfulness. Why aren’t they all in one place? The use pattern differs from consumer to consumer so we cannot anticipate what people want more than others. No smart speaker appeals to all people. When Google launched its Home Mini, it did not focus on the target audience but marketed it as a way to “play with your kids” because there were no other speakers like this in town at that time.

Amazon Echo Dot 
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1. Amazon Echo Dot 

SpecificationSpeakers: 1.6-inch
Ports: 3.5mm
Wi-Fi: 802.11
Size: 3.5 inches
Good Side:☑️ Space-age aesthetic
☑️ Easy setup and integration
☑️ Extremely affordable
Bad Side:❌ Directional, shallow sound
❌ No Zigbee hub inside

Amazon showcased its Echo Dot at the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and it was met with positive reception. It is an Amazon smart speaker in a round-shaped device where you can expect to find a two-way audio camera, Bluetooth connectivity that enables hands-free calling, and integration of Alexa Voice Service like using your voice as a keyboard. Launched on February 17, 2015, this small cylindrical home assistant provides only seven different voices while none of them provides more than a dozen responses. Amazon Echo Dot launched as a valued speaker at $89 (UAE Dh1171) while Samsung SM-STV10K5I is cheaper than it by UAH4799 ($63), but the same tool can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store. Will these ‘bots’ pose threats to human trainers? According to some industry experts, such assistants are slowly taking over from people.

Braun LE01 wireless speaker
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2. Braun LE01 wireless speaker

SpecificationBluetooth: 4.2
Inputs: 3.5mm
Weight: 10.6kg
stand: 16cm
Good Side:☑️ Refined sound and build quality
☑️ Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast streaming
☑️ Google Assistant voice control
Bad Side:❌ Basic app
❌ No HDMI or optical audio

It is a standard wireless speaker that came out on the market recently and its price starts from €140 (UAE Dh412). It searches for music via the MySound+ feature and it can also be paired with Spotify Pulse, Rhapsody, Deezer, or TuneIn Premium. The LiveBeats alert will notify you that your favorite song has been played while the Ion-set squeezes personalized alerts on to 10 per minute to provide you with up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted sound.

The baby-friendly amplification device has an inbuilt lithium battery and a softcover. It’s available at Amazon, Batteries Plus+, Best Buy, Overstock, and Drugstore where it is powered by Lithium-ion (Li-on). The speaker widens out its play on Google Home where you can also find the same Wi-Fi Speaker with four speakers that when combined produce around 100 watts.

Bose Smart Speaker 500
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3. Bose Smart Speaker 500

SpecificationSpeaker: Single Speaker
Connection Type: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
Height: 8ince
Good Side:☑️ Excellent sound quality
☑️ Elegant stylish design
☑️ Preset buttons for quick access to playlists
Bad Side:❌ Most expensive
❌ Hit and miss Wi-Fi setup

The Bose Home Speaker 500 wireless is a smart speaker with an octave equalizer and Dolby-Digital surround sound. This product was launched in 2007, but it continues to get newer features like the Google Assistant voice control feature (Google Assistant’s capability to say a phrase or even question when you can’t think of the right answer). The fact that this gadget must be connected by Bluetooth every time one turns it on has also fallen out of favor.

Bose Speaker is currently available for about $350 plus the cost of a 36-inch LED HDTV (if you’re not nearsighted or don’t mind watching things blurry). This speaker also comes with voice commands like Amazon Alexa. The company has invested heavily in its intelligent music hubs and other associated long-range speakers to roll out such products. Bose’s website says that this device works flawlessly while streaming on all their products.

Amazon Echo Studio
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4. Amazon Echo Studio

SpecificationVoice Assistant: Amazon Alexa
Waterproof: No
Inputs: 3.5mm,
Good Side:☑️ Impressive sound quality
☑️ Pair two together for an affordable home cinema setup
☑️ Doubles as a Zigbee hub
Bad Side:❌ Large size won’t suit all
❌ Requires subscription for 3D audio

The speaker is powered by Dolby surround sound, with an octave wide range that delivers better quality audio via 100-decibel speakers. The device comes with two 3-band equalizers and 4 smart sensors to ensure a crystal clear voice playback through your streaming service provider. Additionally, the Amazon Echo has been designed in such a way as it provides 80db output while gaming on TV or listening late at night in low volume mode since one will not hear the sound while they are in there.

The Echo produces crisp stereo sounds and is also backed by Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa. The device will play your favorite songs, albums, or radio stations just with a simple voice command that you can ask it via Amazon Echo app (voice recognition feature) when setting up this speaker as a background music player on Wi-Fi / Bluetooth enabled devices such as TV boxes, smartphones and more besides being able to ask it to play your favorite playlist or song.

Google Nest Audio
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5. Google Nest Audio

SpecificationVoice Assistant: Amazon Alexa
Waterproof: No
Inputs: 3.5mm,
Good Side:☑️ Impressive sound quality
☑️ Pair two together for an affordable home cinema setup
☑️ Doubles as a Zigbee hub
Bad Side:❌ Large size won’t suit all
❌ Requires subscription for 3D audio

Nest Audio is a great way to control your smart home devices while being in another room as you can listen to music or play games through this device. This comes with a speakerphone function so that one will not miss calls and talk even if they are right next door. Likewise, the Google Nest Audio has a voice command feature so that it could easily ask for information on weather reports, TV programs schedules, and more besides it’s equipped with a microphone to pick up your voice without having to talk at full volume.

The Google Nest Audio is wrapped by a gorgeous speaker that produces crisp and natural-sounding stereo sound with its 10W built-in amplifiers powered speaker system which does justice in delivering clear notes for different music compositions as well. The device has advanced technology so that it can not only tell you the weather but also provides reminders, ask for information on any upcoming shows and movies text your friends, and more.

Best Smart Speaker 2022
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6. Apple HomePod mini

SpecificationSize: 3.9 inches
Weight: 0.76
Inputs: 3.5mm,
Good Side:☑️ Incredible sound
☑️ Sleek design
☑️ Only smart speakers with Siri built-in
Bad Side:❌ Needs Apple Music for full function
❌ A small number of compatible smart home devices

This is Apple’s answer to Echo which doesn’t offer crisp sound. With a look similar to iPhone and within a cost of 70 USD, the speaker produces good sounding sounds but not as clear as Echo or Google Nest Audio speakers, especially for higher vocals whereas though it does provide music and games in stereo mode, so you will have a better experience playing such songs via iPad or other devices that play audio in the mono channel. It has a good and decent sound quality but it’s lacking compared to other smart speakers such as Google Nest Audio or Amazon Echo.

The device comes with different applications such as access to Apple Music and Siri.  So ultimately what one should consider is their budget and also which one they prefer the sound quality in terms of both clarity and bass tones, Echo or Google Nest Audio is better suited for those that want clear loudspeakers especially if a party is being held at home where you would be playing all kinds of music genres ranging from Electronic, Hip-hop & R&B, Rock and others.

Amazon Echo
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7. Amazon Echo

SpecificationVoice Assistant: Amazon Alexa
Waterproof: No
Inputs: 3.5mm,
Good Side:☑️ Futuristic look
☑️ Improved sound
☑️ Zigbee hub integration
Bad Side:❌ Max volume level isn’t loud enough

Amazon Echo is sort of a small version of Google’s subsidiary: Nest, that has an exclusive price tag worth around $50 US, and depending on demand they can also be sold at this rate. One important factor to consider before you get this product is it does not support calling out from Spotify or summoning Alexa with other music services but in terms of delivering the best possible audio output in stereo quality, the brand stands tall for its amazing clarity in both higher and lower range frequencies.

This speaker combines the best of all our previous recommendations in terms of quality, ease of use, design versatility with an excellent battery life that adds to its added appeal but Jeff Bezos has yet to give important details about how the product will deviate from other smart speakers such as Amazon Echo or Google Nest Audio even though there is a difference between these two devices especially when it comes to calling out using Spotify or other music services.

Sonos One
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8. Sonos One

SpecificationVoice Assistant: Amazon Alexa
Waterproof: No
Inputs: 3.5mm,
Good Side:☑️ Rich sound
☑️ Access to Google Assistant or Alexa
☑️ Mic array picks up commands even from a distance
Bad Side:❌ Expensive

Sonos One is a powerful smart speaker that takes pride in delivering 7.1 channel surround sound to everyone in the room with just one device but does it mean that this version of Sonos should be discounted as a product without its advantages ? not really, This model was launched by the popular electronics brand and has received so far positive reviews from people who have purchased it for about $150 US due to its features, power, and design but what is most important, is the audio quality that can be heard by all people in the room and not just some music channels. Sonos One specifications are as follows:” 4 drivers, 2 tweeters and dual woofers, a 10-inch OLED display allowing for touch controls (as well as geolocation). A microSD card slot to expand on its onboard storage of up to 256GB.” But if you’re looking for something with a decent punch and beautiful design then this speaker is a recommender, especially if you’re looking for something that can play any format of music or just call somebody using some voice app on the phone.

How do we test smart speakers?

We test smart speakers in our local lab with a different set of gadgets and we update the results as soon as possible after testing. A detailed guide about how to sample a product is available here.

For products that have been thoroughly tested and recently launched, we will handle the postmortem interview before releasing their full reviews. For products that are new and have not been thoroughly tested, we will first test the product’s basic functionality before getting into a deeper analysis. We generally avoid posting a review of some newly launched products in online stores until more information has become available to us on how they perform after hours upon hours of usage each day. We only do reviews when our teams are internally satisfied with their recommendations. We usually try the products ourselves too before making our recommendations and post a detailed review analysis.

How do I choose a smart speaker?

In general, smart speakers are categorized into 2 basic types – personal and family devices. The former offers individualized services for the users whereas a group of people who use it together forms part of the latter category that can also be termed as a multi-function device.

So there usually is no such thing as “can one make do without smartphone health (or diet etc) while using some music playing Bluetooth speaker?”. If you’re going to buy

the one for your home and would like to have an intimate time with the speaker’s playlist then you need a smart speaker that’s specifically designed to give you personalized services. On the other hand, if there is any person in your family who calls for multiple attention more than once he might as well go for a multi-functional speaker.

Some basic tips are: Look at noise canceling levels and sound quality whenever possible Try out lots of variants before finally settling on your favorite pick Check background noise and voice control before buying As much as possible, you should also explore the possibilities that assist usage in other than what they target to do. For example, if it has a clock function then why not give time duration estimates with an alarm? Frequency response is simply a measure of how many bass tones are present at different frequencies.

What is a smart speaker used for?

Music and music only is a usual usage of smart speakers. These sounders are designed specially to give you personalized services in the form of streaming as well as playing FM stations etc so don’t expect them to perform other functions like that too.

You can ask them questions but don’t expect this function, make do with your smartphone’s Siri or Google Assistant when it comes to such purposes Leave support queries related to technology placement up on eBay Willing to waste money if you’re using it for only listening to radio or music?

The allure of smart speakers is that you can use them in more than what they claim on the inside. But avoid investing in something which performs multiple functions rather than providing one solid utility. Consider asking yourself a question: “Can I afford such an audio gadget?” Yes! You don’t have any other alternative presently because these devices are as cheap as teeny-tiny Bluetooth speakers.

Who uses a teeny-tiny Bluetooth speaker? I don’t know… some weirdo who listens to crappy music from the nearby next-door neighbor or other people out there on internet forums and so forth.

Which voice assistant is best?

Google Assistant, as if you have to ask! Google Assistant gets all the 5-star reviews on every app store – Chromecast is constantly getting updated for improvements and Gboard will take your typing performance to a whole new level.

Amazon Alexa comes in a close second but there are undeniably certain limitations with this one particular brand due to their proprietary technology. The current generation of Amazon Echo includes extra smarts like environmental control over thermostats and calendar support, all of which are unsuitable for most people.

If you need a superb device that performs multiple functions and does not hamper the other requirements, then Google Assistant is still your best bet. But if it’s just about cheap Amazon Echo devices like House Party or Amazon’s original Dot ) are only available in white color to make them look more fashionable; although these two speakers don’t come along as compared to their higher-priced variants.

Is Alexa better than Google?

Alexa allows you to view the weather forecast and set a timer while the Google Assistant will display all your data from Gmail, Calendar, and more. Alexa also comes with hands-free calling, what’s so lame about multi-room is that certain skills won’t work with connected devices like Amazon smart lock WeMo has.

Hey kids! Have you heard of Tado Smart Thermostat? It allows controlling heating & cooling by voice command without making a call.

Just like Alexa, it does not require a WiFi connection to work and has the ability to smart switch anything that requires Sonos move command like an air conditioner, etc (If you have an old Samsung phone in your house). It also comes with an infrared receiver which allows remote control via compatible appliances such as boilers & dishwashers Tado certainly can’t match Google Assistant’s ability but they still function great at home automation over voice commands.

For those who remember, Amazon’s Echo debuted in 2014 by offering voice-enabled multiroom audio with its Alexa Voice Service. You can ask it to ‘play music from my phone and see what is playing on your speaker at that precise moment. An infrared device like Tado also comes along which works with any electrical devices such as ovens & boilers

You might find some similarities between the two voices but Alexa does have a few use cases that come in handy. Amazon has also invested some effort and traction into the hardware as well, Alexa can now be accessed via Fire TV & Echo Dot.

The current landscape of Voice Assistants might not all work with each other but so far it’s not a big deal for most users. I suggest revisiting E-Commerce smart home platform to see which best fits your needs, future-proofed is always better!

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