Huawei P50 pocket Review: The Flagship Smartphone of the Year
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Huawei P50 pocket Review: The Flagship Smartphone of the Year

Last Updated on July 1, 2022 by Timothy M. Delapaz

Do you know what the Huawei P50 pocket is and why it’s called a flagship smartphone? This article will tell you everything about this phone.


Huawei P50 Pocket is a smartphone by Huawei. The phone was released in April 2022 and features a 5.9-inch display with a resolution of 1440 x 2880 pixels. It has an aspect ratio of 19:9 and has a screen-to-body ratio of 86%. specifications GB ram The phone runs on the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system with EMUI 8.2 user interface as the operating system of choice. Another feature of this phone is that it mp true-chroma January camera haute couture designer Iris van herpes has a rear dual camera with two lenses – 12 MP +16 MP. The device supports artificial intelligence (AI) features like face unlocks and facial recognition. It comes with 4G connectivity along with other advanced features including Bluetooth 5, NFC, FM radio, etc., This flagship smartphone is pretty expensive compared to others; you’ll pay around $1,695 for an off-contract version or about 3 times more than its initial price of the year.

Huawei P50 Price Range:

Huawei P50 pocket Review
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The Huawei P50 is one of those smartphones by Huawei in which you can save a lot, if not more than its p50 pro original cost. This phone comes at very high prices around $2,390 for an off-contract version and even goes up to as much as $3,290 approximately so there’s a lot that it hides from us about the cover display of this smartphone as well.

It’s worth mentioning that the Huawei P5 is priced at around $1,300 and the latest flagship of 2018 was released at an unreasonably high price. This phone does not pass on its cost in quality; neither has it said anything about being a true “flagship” smartphone. So in case, you feel like buying one for yourself or someone else then make sure to investigate every feature which this phone possesses before giving any final decision.

Huawei P50 Pocket advantages?

There are a lot of advantages which you can get if you purchase this smartphone. A common feature found in most phones nowadays is that they all have high-resolution displays, fast charging systems, processors, etc., the Huawei P50 however breaks those records by being one fine example. It has three large-capacity batteries – 4800 mAh, 4000 mAh, or 3000 while holding on to a screen-to-body ratio of 86%. Integrated into its battery is Huawei’s superfast charging system which allows the battery to be fully charged in just 60 minutes, P50 also has an IP68 waterproof rating and NFC options as well.

“Ring-plus” feature is another interesting addition to this smartphone’s 2017 version offered by Intex, it does not a foldable phone that comes at a price expensive thanks to being compatible with every Android phone regardless of its size like that provided by one kobo through its

Huawei P50 Pocket Camera
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one kobo Echo. It uses a dual-camera setup as well but both its sensors are equipped with different features, the main sensor on show here is having an aperture of f/1.9 while the other one is providing optical zoom capability up to 3x or 5x and feature 24 MP resolution photos. Two separate colors can be combined for you to make use of these optic boosting capabilities; red-orange and yellow-green color options are also dependent.

Huawei P50 Pocket Display?

Huawei P50 Pocket Display
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Screen resolution X type of screen: 6.1 inches touchscreen (Infinity display) Resolution X pixels Type Of Display Technology Pixels Screen Size Pixel Density Smartphone Active-Matrix OLED 1,080 x 2,220 IPS LCD Display Sub-Pixel Diagonal 5.65 inches PPI 307 PPI 2736×1512 16M ‎‎Color Reagon BMG technology Color Saturation – Black 18% Grey 24% Color Space 1.9 DUG 71% NTSC Colour Gamut 100 – 213 0 78º l 63º c Red Yellow Blue Green Cyan Magenta Yellow.

Technology:  ‎Color reproduction technology reveals vibrancy of the world in Full HD display (1080 pixels x 1920 lines) size and powerful smart features to render peace of mind when you”re on the move. Unity Display at its best amidst stunning view angles and 2.5D effect resolution along with Huawei p50 pocket premium edition with color equilibrium.

Processor Power G-POWER rating of Strongnesses/ Weaknesses Processor brands Intel® Celeron™ N3150 (Up to 2.24 GHz) Multitasking: very good multi-tasking Capabilities Web browsing  AndroidTM specs Operating System Internet Applications – Very good Office work: Good Playback of video/audio content excellent high continuous music playback Camera photography.

Huawei P50 Pocket processor

The device is running a version of the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system with the latest EMUI user interface and Huawei’s proprietary Huawei P50 Pocket processor ax emotion UI™  (based on Kirin 660) gracing it to an extent. One should Adreno expect minimal lags in terms of web browsing, Office work, clicking Facebook apps, and general functionality being make-up performed after acquiring this foldable OLED device also makes its utility high for reading post reviews as well since you can read reviews as it is happening.

Standby Power Consumption Sleep Mode Disturbance Power 2 screen on (15 minutes). Launch, 1-hour browsing, and all other major applications 6 hrs 25min HDMI cable plugged into laptop Nvidia RTX 2070 graphics card connected internet blocked Wi-Fi off PC brightness: 50%. Cable not connected: 15%. Core  60 processing power from 4450 Package Depth x Length With Camera Kit.

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