Apple iPhone 14 pro max: Reviews and everything
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Apple iPhone 14 pro max: Reviews and everything

Last Updated on October 17, 2022 by Timothy M. Delapaz

The iPhone 14 Pro Max isn’t just the most powerful phone around. Thanks to the clever new Dynamic Island for displaying notifications and live activities, it’s a joy to use. The iPhone is Apple’s premium device, designed to be what you want it to be rather than what you need. That’s why it has a camera that can take portrait shots in low light or at night, a phone with an edge-to-edge screen, and facial recognition technology so you don’t have to put your finger on the fingerprint sensor when taking a selfie.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the latest in Apple’s rapidly expanding line of flagship smartphones. It has a 6.5-inch display with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels, allowing for a pixel density of 458 pixels per inch. The display is HDR compatible, which means it can display colors more accurately than previous models.

Apple iPhone 14 pro max: Price

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is on sale now and starts at $1,099 / £1,199 / AU$1,899, making it one of the most expensive flagship phones around. It’s also one of the most powerful it has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. The base model comes in at £1,099 (about AU$1,769), but there are even more options for those who want a little more speed or memory.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max does have its shortcomings compared to other models in Apple’s lineup. For example, it doesn’t have support for wireless charging or dual SIM card slots like the iPhone XS or XS Max do. But it does have a gorgeous design that looks great in photos and videos though you’ll need a case if you plan on taking any selfies with this phone.

Apple iPhone 14 pro max: Storage

Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro Max will have 128GB of storage at launch, but the company has not yet said how much memory it will be able to upgrade. The iPhone XS Max has 256GB of storage, and the iPhone XR has 64GB or 128GB depending on the model you buy. The last time Apple updated its iPhones, it bumped up the maximum storage space to 256GB, but that was part of a software update rather than a hardware upgrade.

Apple hasn’t revealed how much money it wants from buyers of the iPhone 14 Pro Max; it could be anywhere from $600 to $800 for a 256GB version. But the best part is that Apple has updated its lineup of iPhones with new models with larger capacities. So if you want your phone to grow up with you, you can do that too.

Apple is likely saving the 128GB model for future iPhones. The company has said that it expects only 5% of users will want more than 64GB of storage, so why would it waste space on devices people don’t really care about? Apple may have realized that people are not using all their available space on their iPhones. The company has been testing an ad-blocking feature in iOS 11 for some time now. If you have enough free space on your iPhone or iPad to install ads from the App Store, then you’re already using up all your available storage space.

Apple iPhone 14 pro max: Display

The new iPhone 14 Pro has a 6.5-inch display with a resolution of 2,688 x 1,242 pixels. That’s a little bit larger than the iPhone XS Max and XR, but it’s still smaller than the iPhone XS and XR. The display is not only bigger than last year’s 5.8-inch model, but it also has more pixels packed into its resolution. The new iPhone has a pixel density of 458 pixels per inch (PPI), up from 437 PPI on last year’s model making it more vibrant and colorful. In addition to being bigger, The iPhone 14 Pro has a new type of screen called an “always on display” that displays the time, date, and battery status. The Always-On display is a single line of text in blue, which can be tapped to wake the device.

The feature was first introduced in iOS 12 when Apple released its smartwatch software with an always-on display. While it wasn’t specifically designed for smartphones, Apple made it available for iPhones running older versions of iOS. The company has continued to improve its Always-On feature over time, adding more information and making it easier to use. The new iPhone 14 Pro has a 6.5-inch display with a resolution of 2,688 x 1,242 pixels. That’s a little bit larger than the iPhone XS Max and XR, but it’s still smaller than the iPhone XS and XR.

Apple iPhone 14 pro max: Design

iPhone 14 Pro Max the notch has been replaced by a pill-shaped cutout. The speaker has been moved to one side, and the other side houses a camera with a TrueDepth camera system and Face ID that can be used for unlocking your phone. The iPhone 14 Pro Max also has an A12 Bionic chip that supports machine learning, which means it can learn how you use your device and then adapt accordingly. The iPhone XR is still incredibly powerful, but it’s not quite as future-proof as iPhone 14 Pro Max.
The size of the screen makes it easy to hold in one hand without feeling like you’re missing out on anything, but there are still some trade-offs for being so big. For example, there’s no 3D Touch on this model, which means you’ll have to rely more on your finger than ever before when navigating around your home screen or app drawer.

Apple iPhone 14 pro max: Camera

Apple has things up with its cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, offering a 48MP main wide sensor for the first time. It’s paired with a secondary telephoto lens that offers 2x optical zoom. On top of that, there’s a 12MP wide-angle lens on the back. The rear camera is comprised of three different sensors: a 48MP main sensor; an 8MP 1/3-inch sensor that captures depth information; and a 12MP 1/5-inch depth-sensing camera that is used for portrait shots. These cameras are all housed in an aluminum alloy body and come with optical image stabilization.
The front-facing camera on the iPhone 14 Pro Max is going to be one of its most important features, as it’s the first time Apple has offered a TrueDepth camera on an iPhone. This means you don’t have to unlock your phone anymore just look at it and your face will appear on the display and unlock your device. Apple says this is based on machine learning, so it’ll adapt over time as you use it more and more often.

Apple iPhone 14 pro max: Battery life and charging

On the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max, we got an average of 13 hours and 39 minutes. The battery test has a runtime of 14 hours and 15 minutes, which is much better than the iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (both 10 hours). The iPhone XS Max lasted 13 hours and 16 minutes on the same test while the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus lasted an average of 11:38. So it’s clear that this phone can last much longer than most phones in its class. But what about charging it? Is it fast? Well, yes, but not as fast as other phones in this category.

We’ve also seen devices with higher battery capacities than the iPhone 14 Pro Max perform better in this test, so we weren’t expecting it to last as long as it did. The device also supports fast charging, which gives you up to 50% in just 30 minutes. That’s not bad at all. I’m a little disappointed by the fact that the iPhone 14 Pro Max doesn’t have wireless charging. You can get one of those wireless chargers for cheaper than this phone, so I’m surprised Apple didn’t include it.

Apple 14 pro max: Performance and software

The iPhone 14 Pro Max’s A16 Bionic is Apple’s first chip built using the 4-nanometer process, and it’s once again the fastest chip in a phone. The CPU is rated to be only 10% faster than the A15 Bionic, but with an overall boost of 40% in performance — thanks to improved clock speeds and efficiency.
The A16 Bionic also has an NPU that can help identify objects in photos or videos, and then do things like adjusting color saturation automatically. There are also machine learning features that detect objects in images and then suggest relevant content to view.
All this means you can use ARKit on iOS 12 without any extra effort — just tap on an image to see a 3D model of what it looks like, or tap anywhere on a photo to see related information about it. And if you want to try out Augmented Reality (AR), you can use ARKit for that as well! The two other major components of the iPhone are its RAM and storage, both of which have been upgraded this year as well. The iPhone 14 Pro Max now has 512GB of non-expandable internal memory, which should be more than enough for most users. Apple says that its new A12 Bionic chip can handle up to 1TB of space while writing data at speeds up to 425MB/s read and 310MB/s write speeds.

Is the Apple 14 pro max a great phone?

The iPhone 14 pro max is a great phone. It has the best display on any iPhone, it’s the fastest, and it’s got the most storage. The camera is also excellent and Face ID works great. It does have its drawbacks, though. It’s expensive, for one thing — but if you can afford it, this is one of the best smartphones out there.

The iPhone 14 pro max is also an incredible value for $619. It’s by far the most affordable way to get a new iPhone — even better than Apple’s own unlocked devices (which cost about $200 more). The best part about this phone is that it comes with Apple’s A12 Bionic processor, which makes everything fast and smooth. You could spend hundreds of dollars more on other phones with similar specs, but they wouldn’t perform as well.

When did Iphone 14 Pro Max release?

The iPhone 14 Pro Max Pre-orders begin Friday, September 9, and are the largest and most expensive iPhone in Apple’s 2022 lineup. iPhone 14 Pro Max is available in four colors: deep purple, silver, gold, and space black.

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