Roccat Kone Pro Review: The best mouse for you
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Roccat Kone Pro Review: The best mouse for you

Last Updated on July 3, 2022 by Timothy M. Delapaz

Do you know what is the best gaming mouse for you? This article talks about the Roccat Kone Pro RGB gaming mouse review and its features.

Roccat’s Kone gaming mouse has the same sensor as its previous iterations, the well-regarded Avago 3090. The Kone Pro RGB is similar to the Avago models in terms of design and comfort. It has a lightweight plastic shell with a comfortable form factor that fits both right-handed and left-handed users. However, it also brings some new features such as adjustable RGB lighting zones and side buttons to adjust lighting profiles. To top it all up, the Roccat Kone has a good overall performance, as well as one of my favorite features among gaming mice: you can use its two thumb buttons for specific functions.

In this review, I will be testing out how these new and welcome additions fare in terms of usability. Further on down the road if there are some issues or adjustments to make then I might update this article accordingly but at that time point, everything should be consistent.

About the Product Roccat Kone gaming mouse Review: After spending some time researching different mice to pick up for my rig I ultimately decided on a choice between 4 choices (I have updated this section for recent models with newer data): – Logitech M705 Battlefield Edition and Razer Taipan Optical vs ROCKEISTS KONE – Which one should you pick? Here is what we might find out in this article about ergonomic mice before deciding on one of these Nvidia gaming mice. First, let’s look at the differences between the three mice.

It has all sorts of customization options for lighting (in four different zones), and an insane 5000 DPI sensor; however it slightly lacks build quality compared to the IronClaw series as seen above due to more glossy plastic

Roccat Kone Pro RGB Gaming Mouse Review The ROCKEISTS KONE is a product for everyone but colors There are three main color conditions you can pick from, either black or grey, white with blue and red lights on the side thumb buttons, or black with green & purple lighting (for competitive use).

Roccat Kone Pro Why good

  • Sensor Model: Roccat Owl-Eye.
  • Max Sensitivity: 19,000 CPI.
  • Polling Rate :125, 250, 500 or 1,000 Hz
  • Programmable Buttons: 8, (including 3 scroll wheel functions).
  • LED Zones and Colors: 2x RGB.
  • Cable: 5.9 foot (1.8m) USB Type-A, braided.
  • Connectivity: USB Type-A
  • Measurements (LxWxH): 4.94 x 2.83 x 1.57 inches (125.6 x 72 x 40mm).
  • Weight: 2.34 ounces (66g).
  • Extra: 1x extra set PTFE feet 

As mentioned, the ROCKET KONE is a two-option product with different appearances and designs. But does it make a difference? While I can appreciate all of these gaming mice for their fine qualities and features, each has its merit in terms of performance or ergonomics so here we go into what’s good about Roccat’s newest offering: Performance

Roccat Kone Gaming Mouse Design – Appearance & Build Quality In my personal opinion, this is what makes the Rock Kone differ from other products like it. The main factor for me when picking up a gaming mouse is how well it feels in my hands; I want something as comfortable to use and hold on long term (multi-hour) sessions of play.

The red LEDs are another battery life thing that caught my eye at first glance – especially when turning them off– but once again, take note these can be kept on at the same time (for eye candy) or off. How? 

By pressing and holding down Roccat mice both Razer, Logitech buttons to switch between “Data” / “Light” mode – this provides a handy Roccat pro review little feature that allows you to support RGB illuminated lights while in use without wireless mice having any conflict with your e-mail/web browser easy-shift tab, etc so there’s no need to turn shooters them on if you aren’t using them for gaming. Roccat Kone Gaming Mouse with bright red LEDs and black alloy chassis.

Roccat Kone Pro
Editing By: Timothy

The Rocket comes in two designs, the regular primary color variant of white/black co-exist while on secondary blue (glacier), red (carbon fiber), or silver finish finishes provide a pleasant look to the device honeycomb design but additional specialties than only those three colors offer is a subtle change to Roccat’s iconic Arc design; instead of triangles that connect the two main sides of the design, they’ve altered it to be a circle (or oval if you will) making more sense as a gaming peripheral device – an eye-catcher in my opinion and looks better than before.

Roccat Kone Pro Design.

The right side of the mouse is a very complete and well-sculpted grip which it emulates through its ergonomic design, with both thumb grips positioned in the correct spacing for reach across. This helps prevent some hand positioning pains but also others because this particular area usually comes into contact with your wrist or forearm while holding up to 250g/8oz due to wireless usage; as well as extending to over 1/2″ on a side which is quite large by itself. The grip extends further left than most gaming mice but nowhere near what’s shown in the picture above so it can only accommodate larger hands.

Overall, Roccat decided to go with two different size grips and use both equally –  relatively- small ones for shorter, average-sized mitts while still offering sufficient spacing between your “fingers” (to get a better grip) whereas the larger area is for larger mitts (like myself). 

The palm rest’s surface is of semi-glossy plastic that mitigates finger slip, which I got used to quickly; and does not have any wear/scratch protection at all. The thumb stops are rubber and provide good gapping between the back buttons – but since they’re opposite each other, you’ll find your thumb naturally rests in the lower position for dpi-switching.

Above we can see Roccat’s logo, plus a Gaming Mode switch – ‘GameTheory’–– except while using it I found out that this is an advanced “adjustable” RGB (though there isn’t any way to adjust its brightness), which appears to me just as useless because if you move your hand away from these lights, they’ll just blink on and off randomly. The palm rest is also where you’ll find some memory for your 350 DPI/CPI settings.


Roccat Kone Pro RGB
Editing By: Timothy

As an initial impression, the performance of this gaming mouse is just excellent. With precise dpi with quick hop movements as well as its fast speeds in-game… It’s very hard to find any defect on it, and for me being a “full flow” grip user for gaming mice – having direct control over your hand – I have NO complaints using it! For example, when playing  Dota 2  ( gd2_w3 a.jpg ), using the Kone Pro’s software (which can be found here ) – you’ll find that setting up a  profile automatically works out of the box without worrying much about performance issues.

Where I think Roccat didn’t do so well is their wireless range, requiring quite an expansive amount of space to work properly; and charging time isn’t exactly quick when re-inserting battery packs into it at least twice in one day, so it’s maybe best to get your wireless charge accessories.

ROCCAT is a world leader in the gaming peripheral industry. They’ve been at the forefront of innovation for over two decades, and this has led to an impressive range of high-end products that are tailored to gamers.

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ROCCAT has long been a pioneer in the gaming peripherals industry. We have provided the first optical gaming mouse for Microsoft Windows, created the first-ever gaming headset with RGB lighting, and launched the swarm’s very first wireless gaming mouse. Now we want to make our product range even more versatile, inspiring and immersive for all gamers. To this end we are launching the KONE EXPERIENCE – a gaming peripheral designed for professional gamers, but easy to use and install on any desktop computer. Harnessing our experience from 15 years of operating in the peripherals industry, we have created a detailed set of instructions that will guide you step by step through every part of your new product installation process. To achieve this goal, we are launching KONE PRO, a completely new category of ROCCAT products that are designed for every aspect of everyday life.

Whether you’re a gamer or not, the world of games has changed drastically. Instead of just playing games on your computer, your PC can now do it on your mobile Roccat pro air device. This has led to an explosion in the gaming industry and a dramatic change in how people play games. The Kone is a gaming mouse that comes with all the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect from professional Roccat swarm software gaming equipment. The Kone supports up to 11 exclusive gaming profiles, and you can also customize it as per your usage. Moreover, the Ergonomic Design is a huge reason why Roccat swarms more and more people are switching over to Kones. Designed with tight pro air mouse grips that offer gamers swift recovery after repetitive actions swarm software such as clicking or dragging, getting in sick by twisting wrists too much is far less likely when using the pro model of this gadget!

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