3rd generation Amazon Fire Tv Stick 

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If you're looking for a capable and affordable streaming option for an HD TV, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is a solid choice. 

You won't get native 4K resolution with the Amazon Fire TV Stick, but if you have an HD TV, it's a smart one.

 Buy a mid-range one that won't cost you as much as an Ultra HD model, but can still offer some of the newer smart TV features on an older TV.

The difficulty in judging the Fire TV Stick and buying the exact one you need is that Amazon. 

It has since come out with a new entry-level model, called the Fire TV Stick Light.

There are some notable differences between the ones we're reviewing here and the Lite mainly

the inclusion of volume controls and a mute button on the step-up model's remote, as well as the ability to connect and control other AV equipment.

If your home theater system is bigger than just a TV and streamer,

 it's a good bet to ensure harmonious collaboration between your streaming stick, soundbar, and you.