6G Radiation Increase Size Of Brain Cell

Some Chinese scientists have observed the accelerated growth of neurons in mice and revealed that their findings have implications for future communication devices.

According to the latest reports, radio waves in the terahertz band are capable of increasing a smartphone's bandwidth by 1 terabit per second

It seems a hot candidate for next-generation communication technology, especially the 6G.

Chinese researchers tested that after three minutes of exposure to 100-microwatt pulses of radiation with frequencies ranging from 0.3 to 3 terahertz

mouse neurons grew about 150 percent faster than normal in petri dishes. 

The surprising part of the news is that the total length of connections between these neurons also doubled in just three days.

The scientists also revealed that exposed brain cells remained healthy despite growing much faster than controls.

The researchers claim that these new discoveries could help assess the safety of new communication technologies and develop therapies to treat brain diseases

According to the results to treat or intervene in diseases such as neurodevelopmental disorders.