Android 13 is here for Google Pixel 

This year's major Android update, Android 13, is officially rolling out to Google's Pixel phones today, the search giant announced.

After the release of Android 12 last October and Android 11 in September 2020, the annual update is getting an official release a little earlier than usual.

If you've been keeping up with the beta releases of Android 13, the list of updates coming with this year's version of Android might look familiar.

 There's the ability to customize non-Google app icons to match your homescreen wallpaper that we saw in the first developer preview of Android 13

 new permission to reduce notification spam, and a new option to limit which photos and videos an app can see of you have access

In January, we wrote that Google plans to spend this year catching up with Apple's ecosystem integration

and there is further evidence of this in the official release of Android 13. The update includes support for spatial audio with head tracking,

which simulates sounds coming from a specific point in space as you move your head while wearing compatible headphones

similar to a feature Apple has for its AirPods. Today's post doesn't say exactly which headphones will work