Apple clarifies security update policy

Apple has clarified its policy on security updates for its products

stating that it will continue to support older devices for a minimum of five years after their initial release. 

This update comes in response to recent concerns raised about the company's support for older products, 

specifically, the iPhone 5s, which was released in 2013 and is no longer receiving updates for the latest version of iOS.

In a statement released to MacRumors, Apple explained that it has "a dedicated team of engineers that builds security updates into every software release. 

As threats emerge, we rapidly address them with updates. We also work with developers to get their apps updated as quickly as possible."

The company went on to say that it "recommends that users keep their software up to date for the latest security fixes. 

We also encourage users to back up their data regularly so they can recover any lost files."

Apple's clarification of its security update policy will likely be welcomed by its customers,