Apple has released the new MAC OS M2.6

MacOS Ventura 12.6 is the next big update for Cupertino computers.

While we await its arrival with macOS Monterey 12.6, Apple has released some improvements to macOS Monterey.

The software is now being offered for distribution. This is the sixth major system update that Apple can deliver in 6 months.

MacOS Monterey 12.5 arrived on select computers a month ago.

We now have a new security enhancement, so we recommend that you install it

MacOS Monterey 12.6 updates various security aspects such as kernel vulnerabilities recently discovered by Tim Cooks company.

According to Apple, at least one kernel vulnerability has been actively exploited. The software that organizes the computer's operations

Apple has released the updated macOS Big Sur one1.7 with several fixes for older devices.

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