Why Apple iMac is better than all others

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Apple has managed to reinvent one of its most iconic products with the release of the iMac, not by improving on its predecessor but by doing so in stunning fashion.

Where the previous iMac began to look dated with its hand-me-down look, the 2022 model is refreshing with its modern and sleek shape.

The 21.5-inch display is now gone, replaced by a larger 24-inch one although the 27-inch iMac is still available.

Although the screen is much larger, the dimensions of the iMac 24-inch, 2021 are not significantly different from its predecessor.

This model gives you extra screen real estate while not taking up too much desk space.

Perhaps the biggest change under the hood is the iMac's feat of being almost smaller than its smaller predecessor in large part.

It looks like the iMac 27-inch has been effectively discontinued, so that's the only iMac anyone's going to get for a while.

Fortunately for everyone involved—except 27-inch iMac fans—the iMac 24-inch does and then some.

The macOS Big Sur operating system is fast and agile, and apps designed for M1 hardware run beautifully.