Apple iPhone 15 Pro most powerful 2023

Apple won't have its advanced N3E version in phone chipsets before it rolls into iPhone 15 Pro models

the world's largest phone chipset maker, will issue 3nm processors made exclusively by TSMC in late 2023, for TSMC

's "enhanced" 3nm mobile chipset production nodes.leaves only Apple as a major customer.

TSMC's N3E production schedule, Apple will be the main customer for TSMC's 3nm process production in 2023.

foundry is expected to fill enough 3nm chip orders for multiple customers in 2024 with

 The first major phones will be the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max with brand-spanning new Periscope cameras as

key differentiators that may push them a bit ahead of the 2023 pack, and not just within iPhones. 

iPhone 15 Pro has a smaller one with fewer pixels for the graphics subsystem.display will remain, 

the benchmarks could surpass an iPhone 15 Pro Max with the same A17 processor, eventually making it the most powerful phone of 2023.