Apple removes Hide Email support macOS

Apple previously said that its Hide My Email option would be supported in third-party apps in macOS Ventura.

People with iCloud+ subscriptions were supposed to be able to use Hide My Email in third-party apps to keep their 

Apple has completely removed all mention of the feature from the page without much fanfare.

 It appears that Hide My Email will only support Safari and Mail Forward.

 Looking at a snapshot of the macOS Ventura preview features page from August 3, Apple lists the feature under a special section for iCloud+.

 It sat right between the Home and Keyboard features. Visit the same page today, though, and the entire section is gone.

 The Wayback Machine, an Internet archive of web page versions, has no snapshot of the page in question after Aug.

 3, so it's unclear when the Cupertino-based tech giant took it down.

Apple introduced its Hide My Email feature with iOS 15 and macOS Monterey. You can use this to generate a random email address when registering for an account