Apple Watch 8's rumored new sensor

A week after Samsung unveiled a temperature sensor for its new Galaxy Watch 5.

Then we now have the biggest indication that Apple will follow suit when the Apple Watch 8 launches next month.

This week, an Apple patent titled "Temperature Gradient Sensing in Electronic Devices" was spotted by MyHealthyApple.

Kuo claimed that the algorithm was not reliable enough in 2021 and thus the sensor was shelved for another year.

But Bloomberg's Mark Gurman believes "the feature is a move" for this year's Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch Pro models, suggesting the issue has been resolved

It can also be used for tracking fertility or perhaps helping athletes inform their recovery. 

assuming Apple opens up the sensor to developers, there's no telling what third-party app makers might do with the technology

That's good, because accurate temperature measurement from the wrist has proven a tough nut to crack in the past. 

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple wanted to include a temperature sensor in last year's Apple Watch 7 but failed to get it accurate enough.