Entry-level watch the Apple Watch SE 2

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The latest update to Apple's entry-level smartwatch is the Apple Watch SE 2

Apple's Watch SE 2 release date is September 16, though you can pre-order one already,

The shape of the Apple Watch SE 2 will be very familiar to those who have seen Apple Watches in the past

Coming in 40mm and 44mm flavors, the Apple Watch SE 2 is Apple's smallest watch.

The digital power app button is used on the right side of the watch

And on the back is the crystal-covered heart rate sensor, improved with the Watch SE 2.

Apple has given the back of the Watch SE 2 the color of the surrounding aluminum chassis

The Apple Watch SE 2 certainly looks good when it comes out of the box.

It's lightweight, the screen is legible, and even though it has large bezels around it.