Apple's latest iPad Mini with cellular

The iPad mini has been redesigned to match the look and feel of iPad Pro and iPad Air. 

That means it has flatter sides and more squared-off edges, but more importantly it means the screen is bigger, filling the 8.3-inch device close to the edges.

But this star show of the big screen. It is surrounded by small, even bezels around the front of the device.

 I wish they were a little smaller, but I think that would add significantly to the cost of the device.

Given that the base model is already only Rs 500 for 64GB of storage, I like the tradeoff Apple made. 

 The only other storage option is 256GB, which runs the $649 5G version still costs more.

Another iPadOS concern with the iPad mini is that Apple doesn't seem to have fully thought through what it means to run it on a smaller display. 

But the iPad mini is worse than the larger iPad for many things people want to use the iPad for.

The screen is too small for videos and too cramped for multitasking when you're multitasking.