Bose QuiteComfort SE headphone launched 

Bose has launched another pair of headphones called the QuiteComfort SE.

The new QuiteComfort SE is a rebranding of the Bose QuiteComfort 45 with minor improvements.

Replaced by the Bose QuiteComfort 35, the launch of the QuiteComfort SE has been done quietly

The new Bose QuiteComfort SE is listed in several US stores.

The new Bose headphones promise to deliver 24-hour playtime on a single charge

It requires 2.5 hours to fully recharge A 15-minute quick charge is enough for 3-hour playback.

 The new Bose QuiteComfort SE uses a USB Type C for charging, just like the Bose QC 45.

As seen in the launched models, the headphones feature high-quality active noise cancellation out of the box.

There's also a mobile app that lets you tune sound settings, acting like an equalizer.