Camera Upgrades for All iPhone 14 Models

The iPhone 14 Pro models are rumored to feature several significant camera upgrades. 

Unlike color option rumors reports about upcoming iPhone camera technology tend to be fairly accurate

Camera component supply chains often release specific information prior to the device's release date.

In keeping with how Apple reserves its highest-end camera features for "Pro" models.

The iPhone 14 Max's cameras are expected to improve moderately with more significant changes to the iPhone 14 Pro.

The iPhone 14 widely rumored new 48-megapixel wide camera is expected to be exclusive to the Pro models

While the standard iPhone 14 models will retain a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera like the iPhone 13 lineup.

A larger aperture will allow more light to pass through the lens and reach the front camera sensor on the ‌iPhone 14′ model, 

Kuo says these camera upgrades can provide better depth-of-field effects for portrait mode photos and videos