Corsair Corsair makes a lot of things that PC gamers need RAM, storage, mice and keyboards, headsets, and more. 

The company also owns Elgato, the brand behind the Stream Deck Command Center

Perhaps inevitably, it produced a laptop the Voyager A1600. Corsair whipped up the design in-house

iCue support for syncing your RGB LED effects across Corsair accessories

and a built-in low-latency Slipstream receiver Corsair pairs with gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets. and it has a built-in stream deck.

While I'm impressed that Corsair managed to fit so much into an elegantly designed gaming laptop

That'll be powerful enough for most people, but compared to similarly priced gaming laptops with Nvidia GPUs

This model's Ryzen 9 6900HS CPU and Radeon RX 6800M GPU, as tested, aren't quite as good. 

Even if Corsair doesn't nail all the major beats, there's still a lot to admire in the Voyager A1600.