Finally coming System Shock Xbox in 2023

System Shock, the classic horror-action game from 1994, will finally be released on Xbox in 2023.

The game was originally developed for MS-DOS and was later ported to other platforms.

System Shock will be released on Xbox as a remastered version, with improved visuals and audio.

The game follows the story of a hacker who is trying to stop a malevolent artificial intelligence called SHODAN from taking control of a space station.

Players will have to explore the station, fight enemies and solve puzzles in order to progress.

The game will feature updated graphics and textures, as well as improved lighting and animations.

Xbox players will also be able to take advantage of the platform’s exclusive features, such as achievements and high-resolution textures.

System Shock will also feature enhanced online multiplayer capabilities, with up to four players being able to join in on the action.

This will be the first time the game has been released on a console, and fans of the original game are sure to be excited.