Fortnite Unidentified flying object

Fortnite has a lot of content. So much so, that Epic Games is constantly changing what's available and what's not. 

Some vehicles and items are vaulted, while new or old are available.

And once again, a vehicle is unlocked, allowing all players to take control of an unidentified flying object.

It seems even aliens are playing Fortnite, as the popular UFO vehicle, also known as the Saucer, has returned to Fortnite.

If this seems foreign to you, don't worry. Using left click allows players to charge an energy ball and fire it.

While it does little damage to enemies and vehicles, it will push them back.

Right-clicking will cause the saucer to lock and abduct objects below it, including enemy players. 

 Dropping enemies won't take fall damage, you can drop items on unsuspecting victims to deal damage.

Using the saucer is the easy part, but finding one before other players is much more difficult.