Galaxy S23 Ultra confirms 200MP camera

It is reported that Samsung has confirmed with its manufacturing partners that the Galaxy S23 Ultra phone will have a 200 MP main camera sensor.

It is also believed that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will also use Qualcomm's 3D Sonic Max fingerprint sensor and offer faster storage.

It looks like Samsung is gearing up to pack its Galaxy S23 Ultra flagship smartphone with mouth-watering delights

 That would prevent the Android smartphone-buying public from being tempted by anything running on iOS. 

The 200-megapixel camera is only slated for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra model

But its use here will make the sensor more widespread across the Android OEM community.

 But it takes more than a potentially hit-or-miss 200MP camera to set a new standard in a flagship smartphone,

The 3D Sonic Max fingerprint reader, which will only go to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, 

covers a larger area than other sensors and can read two fingers at the same time, thus providing a greater level of security.