How do you pick a gaming computer?

Consider the type of games you’ll be playing, the resolution and frame rate you need, and the type of storage you require.

The processor is the most important component, so choose one that is powerful enough for your needs.

Graphics cards are essential for gaming, so select one that is powerful enough to handle the games you play.

The motherboard is the foundation of your system, so make sure you choose one that will support your processor and GPU.

You'll need a good monitor in order to get a great gaming experience, so choose one with a high refresh rate and resolution.

The case will determine how much space you have for components and how your system looks.

Make sure you have enough power for your components, and choose a reliable power supply.

RAM is essential for gaming, so make sure you have enough to run your games. 

You’ll need a keyboard, mouse, and other accessories to complete your gaming setup.