Logitech's upcoming gaming handheld 

Earlier this month, Logitech announced that it was working with Tencent on a handheld gaming device

which will support "multiple cloud gaming services," including NVIDIA's GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming

Now, it looks like we're getting our first look at the device thanks to prolific leaker Evan Blass

We also know it should be called the G Gaming Handheld because Logitech listed that name on a recently released landing page.

It looks like many other gaming handhelds, with left and right joysticks, a direction pad, ABXY buttons, a home button.

Another image shows the home screen with icons for Google's Play Store, Xbox, GeForce Now, Steam, Chrome and YouTube

We also see icons for user profiles, messages, settings, and power.

You can compare the G Gaming Handheld to the Steam Deck or even the Nintendo Switch Lite in terms of basic design.

A more convenient factor from a cloud gaming perspective and similar capabilities to smartphones with gaming-focused UIs