Google Doodle Anna Mani 104th birthday

A new Google Doodle released on Tuesday celebrates the birthday of renowned Indian physicist and meteorologist Anna Mani, who will turn 104 years old.

The doodle depicts Mani in front of various climates, including a rainstorm and a beating sun. 

The physicist is also shown working on a weather balloon as well as some calculations, all of which serve to create the Google logo.

Mani would rise through the elite ranks of his nation to become one of the most prolific scientists in Indian history.

Born on August 23, 1918 in the village of Peermaid in British India,

 Mani had read almost every book in his local library by the time he was just 12, according to Google.

After high school, Mani completed his undergraduate studies, 

Graduated in Physics and Chemistry from Pachaiyappa College, Madras. 

He then went on to do postgraduate studies under Nobel laureate Sir C.V. Learn spectroscopy under Raman.