Google Pixel Tablet specs just tipped

The Google Pixel tablet has been official since Google I/O 2022

Google has already said that the company's first tablet after the ill-fated Pixel slate won't arrive until 2023.

But is yet to say anything about its specs and key selling points.

Perhaps most surprisingly, the Pixel tablet appears to lack support for GPS or cellular data

It's probably Wi-Fi only, and obviously only for use around the house.

The code also confirms the lack of proximity and barometer sensors, as well as the lack of support for 'high-fidelity' sensor processing,"

it may well be that the Pixel tablet, while ostensibly handheld, is only intended for occasional portability.

The story also seems to confirm that Google has added code to their proprietary code on Android,

Google's hardware team seems to have fully embraced the concept and designed the device around that concept