Google Sonos Smart speaker 

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It's the latest volley in a back-and-forth battle against wireless speakers that has so far involved Sonos in multiple lawsuits.

A lawsuit by Google, and a ruling in favor of Sonos led to the removal of features from Google's products.

These new lawsuits allege the infringement of seven additional patents. One case focuses on hot noise detection and wireless charging.

And the other revolves around how a set of speakers determines which will respond to voice input.

Google spokesman Jose Castaneda said the lawsuit is being filed to protect our technology and challenge Sonos' clear, ongoing infringement of our patents.

Castaneda said Sonos has launched an aggressive and misleading campaign against our products at the expense of our shared customers.

Both lawsuits are being filed this morning in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

Google plans to file a similar lawsuit with the US International Trade Commission in the coming days. 

which would seek to prohibit the importation of any infringing Sonos products.

The legal battle began in 2020 when Sonos initially sued Google over its multiroom speaker technology.