GTA 6 gameplay leaks online over

Rockstar Games' next GTA entry has suffered a mega leak

which contains over 90 videos showing a purported build of the project.

The next entry in the Auto franchise remains shrouded in mystery, and beyond brief confirmation from Rockstar Games

Unofficially known as GTA 6, it has sold a record-breaking 170 million to date.

The first GTA 6 leak was accompanied by a historical dump of media circulating online, consisting of several hours of footage.

It has more than 90 videos now circulating from the project, showing early iterations of its engine, planned setting, and gameplay.

The leaked footage closely aligns with what Bloomberg reported in July

With plans for the game's first female protagonist as a part of a criminal duo.

It has also been known to retain the satirical themes of the franchise while creating an inclusive tone.