How is your battery life on the Pixel 6

Since the Pixel 6 has been launched, it has been touting a huge battery advantage over its big brother.

The Pixel 6's battery is draining at a rapid rate, not even making it through the

Apparently related to the Android 13 update that we saw a few weeks ago, Pixel 6 users are reporting some serious battery issues.

On Google's support forum for Pixel devices, one thread has nearly 1000 upvotes with over 200 replies.

I noticed this issue myself on my Pixel 6, running Android 13 starting about a week or so ago.

While most users are reporting battery drain on their Pixel 6 phones running Android 13,

in line with the experience mentioned in Google's support thread,

 've given the Pixel 6 a pretty glowing score in terms of battery life, not just during daily use, to the Pixel 6 Pro. Defeated quite a bit.

As far as the battery goes, the Pixel 6 doesn't need to worry you for a full day, though it may be the end of that era.