Huawei launches the first smartphone 

Huawei has launched a flagship smartphone that it claims connects to China's Beido Global Navigation Satellite System.

The company is trying to stay relevant in the mobile market after US sanctions crippled its mobile phone business.

The Mate 50 has an updated camera on the back with 4 lenses arranged in a circle.

The Mate 50 no longer connects to super-fast 5G networks after US sanctions sidelined the company.

Huawei says this is the first smartphone released to the public

which is connected to China's Beidou satellite networking.

Beidou was completed in 2020 and is owned by the US government, it is widely used around the world.

Connectivity with Beidou means users can easily send messages

The smartphone market has not been able to retain relevance after the US ban. Huawei was once the number one smartphone in the world.