iPhone 14 users may have iMessage issues

has released documents detailing potential issues for customers setting up the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

Due to activation issues in iOS 16.0, iMessage and FaceTime are not working properly.

Apple iPhone 14 issues include unable to receive iMessage or FaceTime calls,

iMessage shows green bubbles instead of blue bubbles when communicating with a user

iOS 16.0 contains new device setup bugs related to device activation with iMessage and FaceTime.

Fortunately, Apple has already fixed these issues with the release of iOS 16.0.1, which was announced yesterday.

Apple says that issues related to iMessage and FaceTime should be resolved after updating to the latest iOS version.

Your new iPhone may prompt you to upgrade before you reach the home screen.

If the problem persists after updating to iOS 16.0.1, it may take a bit of fiddling with the iMessage settings.