iPhone 14 eSIM applicable the only US

The new iPhone 14 lineup in the US will not ship with a physical SIM card slot.

Apple is slowly moving towards full eSIM technology.

Although iPhone users have already converted to eSIM, most users have not.

Apple has some details on eSIM support before the first iPhone 14 orders arrive on September 16

iPhone currently supports eSIM technology. The iPhone XS was the first iPhone model to include the technology

Every new iPhone since iPhone has supported eSIM.

Those iPhones also have a nano SIM card slot. If you don't want to use an eSIM, you don't have to.

E-SIMs are sometimes referred to as embedded SIMs, but they are electronically programmable.

Apple will take you through the process of scanning your QR code to activate the iPhone 14 eSIM. The process of getting that QR code will change.