iPhone 14 Pro leaker just tipped issues with a new camera

The iPhone 14 Pro's advantage is an improved main camera set over both the regular model and the previous generation.

Rumors are that it will now pack a 48MP sensor which is the first upgrade in megapixel count from 2015's iPhone 6S.

But more megapixels don’t necessarily indicate better picture quality, as the Pixel series has consistently proven. 

A leaker suggested that the iPhone 14 Pro's new camera might sink in low-light conditions compared to its predecessor.

The word comes from LeaksApplePro, which has a decent track record of predicting Apple's moves.

Here he talks about a source's experience with the pre-release iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max handsets. 

There are some issues with the camera system, Licker wrote. The new 48MP sensor is 'the best in a smartphone if there's enough light

As mentioned above, camera performance doesn't just come down to raw hardware specs, which is when it'll be well and truly final.

Almost everything else is improved, as you might expect from a generational upgrade.