iPhone 14 Release Date Change But Why?

Looking back at the excellent iPhone 14 release date analysis by our own Alex Walker-Todd

It is clear that the parameters were set based on the year prior to the launch between September 7-14.

On sale between September 16-24 which gives us a clear date of September 13 for launch and September 23 for sale.

Other outlets claimed earlier in the year that this would not be the case, but I dismissed that. These dates have been the most meaningful so far.

Mark Gurman, highly regarded journalist and analyst, writes for Bloomberg. 

According to his sources, Apple's new iPhone launch event will actually take place on September 7 with retail employees.

That's where I screwed up. If you read the paragraph above, the iPhone is almost always launched on a Tuesday. 

Apple skipped the September 11 iPhone launch for obvious reasons, but it doesn't contradict the Wednesday launch date.

They are either when the iPhone release date is earlier than usual, or to avoid the launch on Tuesday, September 11.