iPhone 14 satellite link could be a deal

As Apple's iPhone 14 event draws nearer, another rumor.

Rumors swirled around the phone's potential ability to provide emergency communications via a satellite network

On Monday, prominent analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple has "completed hardware testing for this feature" with the iPhone 14.

But a business model must be negotiated with approval to include it.

Whether the iPhone 14 will offer satellite communication services depends on whether Apple and operators can set business models.

Kuo said that this obstacle could already delay the feature once in his opinion

The hardware that would allow the iPhone 13 to communicate with satellites is out,

Kuo and others famously predicted that the feature might appear in 13, which ultimately did not happen.

According to Kuo's latest prediction, the iPhone will "eventually" have satellite communications, but "exactly when is difficult to predict.