Apple iPhone 14 Rumored to Come in Purple

With the anticipated release of Appleā€˜s iPhone 14 range edging ever closer.

New rumors have now suggested that the upcoming generation of the company's flagship smartphone will once again carry a purple option.

The color was made available with the iPhone 12 model, but Apple ultimately elected to drop the option with its current iPhone 13 generation.

New leaks are suggesting that people will return for both the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

The phone will also boast of 30W charging capability but will carry the same storage options.

Although the MagSafe magnets will be stronger and the MagSafe battery case itself will become larger and heavier.

Apple has yet to officially announce anything itself.

So those who are waiting for iPhone 14 stay tuned for more updates.

The latter will come in purple, green, silver, gold and graphite, meaning the existing pink and Sierra blue will be replaced respectively.