Steam now supports Nintendo Joy-Con controllers

Good news for Nintendo lovers, Steam now supports both the Nintendo Online Classic Controller and the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller.

This update entered beta on August 4, 2022, with an additional patch released the following day.

It just doesn't include the Joy-Con in the list of controllers available on Steam.

But it also improves support for Nintendo Online Classic controllers.

The real innovation is the ability to use each hand separately or as a separate controller.

Joy-Cons work vertically and horizontally, just like they do on the Nintendo Switch.

If you want to try the Joy-Con on your favorite game right now, you should opt for the Steam Beta

To do this, navigate to Steam Settings menu. On the first tab, under the Accounts, Beta Participation heading, click the Change button.

To use Nintendo Joy-Con controllers on Steam, you'll need either a Bluetooth adapter or a motherboard with Bluetooth connectivity.