Latest iOS 16 beta update on iPhone

Apple's release of iOS 16 this fall will not only introduce new features, but also bring back an old ones. 

You'll once again be able to check your iPhone's battery percentage in the status bar from anywhere on your device

Once you've updated, you should see the percentage on the battery icon in the top-right corner of your screen from anywhere on your iPhone. 

This way you can keep track of when your iPhone tops off or is close to running out of battery and when you should start charging it.

Although the setting is on by default, you can go to Settings Battery and toggle the Battery percentage option to make sure it works. 

When your device is charging, the battery icon will turn full green, showing you the percentage.

 while in low power mode the battery icon will turn full yellow, but again within the percentage.

iOS 16 brings several new features to your iPhone, including a customizable lock screen.

Has an intelligent cropping feature and the ability to send and edit text messages