Logitech’s Chorus open-back headphones

Logitech has announced Chorus, a $99 audio accessory that aims to enhance the sound quality coming from the Meta Quest 2 VR headset. 

 The appeal of the Chorus, unlike using over-ear or in-ear headphones you may already own

allows you to be more present in reality with its open-back, off-ear speakers and La Valve indicators.

It slides on each side of the VR headset and the speakers can rotate to find the perfect position for your ears.

Their volume is controlled via Quest 2's volume rocker. It's powered through the Quest 2's USB-C port

though it supports USB-C passthrough, so you can keep your headset charged or connect other devices to it.

Logitech claims the speakers feature custom-tuned drivers intended to deliver both "the biggest moments and the smallest details in the Metaverse

And because of their open-back nature, they won't get in the way of delivering ambient sound to your ears.

This approach to speaker design has advantages and disadvantages.