Macs look like the future of PC gaming

When we think about PC gaming, generally speaking, we don't think about Mac.

Most PC gaming rigs are brightly colored tower cases, acrylic or glass panels, and if you're lucky.

Some excellent custom water cooling solutions that elevate the best gaming PCs to the level of works of art.

Instead of a post-PC-launch, third-party port. And while there is a certain amount of boldness in that statement.

I wouldn't put an Intel-based MacBook anywhere near the best gaming laptop on the market, though.

Playing the latest games with the best graphics cards and the fastest processors was conducive to PC gaming.

Insoles simply cannot match the image quality and performance of the best budget gaming PCs and later, gaming laptops brought to the table.

Mainly because of the staggering cost of the necessary hardware many gamers are turning away from PC gaming.

For the first 20 to 30 years before personal computing was a thing, Apple itself played an essential role in the development of PC gaming.