Meta is putting its latest AI chatbot on the web to talk to the masses.

Mater AI Research Labs has developed a new state-of-the-art chatbot and is letting members of the public talk to the system to gather feedback on its capabilities.

The bot is called BlenderBot 3 and can be accessed on the web. Though, right now, it seems only residents in the US can do so.

Blenderbot 3 is capable of engaging in general chitchat, Meta says, but can also answer questions you might ask the digital assistant.

Such systems have proven to be extremely flexible and have many uses, from generating code for programmers to helping authors write their next bestseller.

They bias their training data and often invent answers to users' questions, a big problem if they can be useful as digital assistants.

More importantly, users can click on its responses to see where it got the information from.

By releasing the chatbot to the general public, Meta wants to collect feedback on the various problems facing large language models.

Their conversations and responses will be stored and later published by Meta for use by the general AI research community

Somewhat predictably, Twitter users were soon trained to regurgitate various racist, anti-Semitic, and antisocial statements.