Microsoft has released version 8

Microsoft released version 8.0.0 of the .NET Community Toolkit. 

a collection of helpers and APIs that make it easy to use patterns like MVVM independently of the underlying platform.

Developers can benefit from reduced boilerplate code and streamlined API methods.

The proliferation of Microsoft UI frameworks over the past years has made life more difficult for .NET developers.

 If they want to build shared, platform-independent code into their applications.

Microsoft and other developers in the community to save developers time. 

And started sharing libraries and extensions for these frameworks to reduce implementation difficulty.

Among other initiatives, a small MVVM library called MVVMlite developed by Laurent Bugnion has gained significant adoption.

NCT originated from a fork of the Windows Community Toolkit in version 7. WCT has extensions for WinUI and UWP, both Windows-only frameworks.