new iPad Air Update in 2022

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iPad Air is a high-quality device with a great screen and some very useful features. Lightweight and has long battery life. What the new iPad Pro has going for it is the ability to multitask.

Although we recommend going for the newer model, you should still consider getting an iPad Air if you don't have another tablet to use.

iPad Air has a hexa-core CPU and a quad-core GPU. The latter is necessary to run the Metal graphics engine, which enables games to run at 60 frames per second with minimal latency and stuttering.

Apple has not officially confirmed that it will discontinue the iPad Air 2020 edition in favor of the new 5G model, but all signs suggest that the company has done so.

The iPad Air (2022) was released in the US on March 18 with a starting price of $599 for the 64GB configuration with Wifi and comes in your choice of 5 colors.