Nintendo said  PS5 prices not increasing

After Sony recently announced that it was raising the price of the PS5, 

Los costos de compra aumentan en cada país. Determinaremos nuestro futuro a través de una discusión cuidadosa y continua.

Nintendo has confirmed again that it has no plans to do the same with the Switch.

Sony announced that the PS5 is getting a lot more expensive everywhere in the worl

Microsoft has confirmed that it will not increase the price of the Xbox Series X or S.

The statement reiterated Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa's comments at the 82nd annual general meeting of shareholders in June,

We have no plans to change our hardware prices due to inflation.

Purchase costs increase in each country. We will determine our future through careful and ongoing discussion.

It obviously came as a bit of a shock that the price of the already incredibly elusive PS5 was going up,

as consoles have raised their prices in a way that is usually unheard of.