NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2080 Graphics card

During the NVIDIA GeForce 20 series launch in August 2018, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang made a joke announcing a GTX 1180 graphics.

This was contrary to rumors of a new GeForce RTX branding debuting.

 Such a GTX model was apparently never introduced, but it seems that original plans may have used GTX branding after all.

Redditor found an engineering sample of the GTX 2080 graphics card, or so it seems. 

 The card has the same reference cooler design, but the missing RTX branding has been replaced with GTX.

There is also no 2080 logo on the front and backplate of the card.

It looks like this card was purchased from eBay for around $360 This prototype above looks like the card posted on Reddit.

 Interestingly, the seller is using these cards for cryptomining.

The sticker on the back confirms that this is a PG180 board, the same board used by the retail RTX 2080 graphics card.