OnePlus' 10T launch is a private event.

There is nothing minimal about the scene at the OnePlus 10T launch event and at a venue called Gotham Hall.

OnePlus didn't leave much to the imagination leading up to its launch event.

A couple of 10T's are embedded in the wall where participants enter, so the jig goes up.

OnePlus has released specs ahead of time, from the chipset to the controversial missing alert slider.

Like almost everyone else sitting around me in a section reserved for media, I had a OnePlus 10T to test under embargo for a few weeks.

OnePlus has opened the door for anyone to pay $25 for a ticket.

There are swag bags on the way out of course through the looking glass on 36th Street, oppressive heat and blinding sunlight.

What a tease there is also a wall of previous OnePlus devices with alert sliders as far as the eye can see.

It has a full menu of snacks and drinks, but the branding doesn't go so far as to cover a cooler with a Bud Light logo.