OnePlus' upcoming Nord SmartWatch Heading 1

OnePlus' upcoming budget-friendly smartwatch, called the Nord Watch, will likely come in five variants

The leak suggests that the watch will come in two flavors – rectangular and round. 

The rectangular-shaped option will offer two options while the notification will have three options.

Screen resolutions are also revealed, with round models featuring 240 x 240px and 390 x 390px displays. 

Whereas the rectangular Nord Watch will come with 240 x 280px or 368 x 448px.

The report ends with some vague price predictions, which will probably be around the INR 5,000 region with some screenshots from the rectangular UI.

They both feature a single button on the right side and the only thing that differentiates them is the design of the lug.

The third circular device will come with just one button without bezels.

The renders depict a circular clock with two buttons on the right side and a large bezel around the display and two button variants other than the said bezel.