Pac-Man and Tetris to Augmented Reality

Every year on August 29, computer game lovers celebrate World Video Game Day, also known as Gamer's Day. 

A celebration that has been repeated every year since 2008, when the specialist magazines PC Mania

PlayManĂ­a and Hobby Consoles decided to dedicate this date to one of the most popular hobbies among today's young and non-young.

But this form of entertainment took years of development to reach its current generalization

with the development of computing playing a fundamental role

How do we make pieces of Pac Man and the profitable and addictive Tetris game

Video games appear as applications of a playful nature, developed by computer programmers since the 1950s.

 Since it cannot be less in the logical and mathematical mind, the first attempts took the form of chess programs

with which scientists, in addition to killing time, created the syntax of new computer languages.