QNAP NAS customers told to update

QNAP customers are being warned again about the DeadBolt ransomware attack against NAS drives,

This is not the first time QNAP customers have had their data security compromised.

Several attacks focused on various zero-day vulnerabilities have been launched throughout 2022.

In a security notice on the QNAP website, the company urged customers to "take immediate action," the company said

that it "detected a security threat exploiting the DEADBOLT photo station vulnerability to encrypt QNAP NAS directly over the Internet."

Originally published on September 3, 2022, "QNAP Product Security Incident Response Team

Evaluated and released Photo Station app patched for current version within 12 hours."

In addition to keeping NAS drives up-to-date, QNAP allows its customers to connect their devices directly to the Internet

Places a drive behind a firewall such as the company's own myQNAPcloud Link feature