Huge Discount Roku express 4k+ (amazon)

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Roku Streaming Stick Plus has been everyone's favorite streaming device for years.

The Roku Express 4K Plus is slightly larger but cheaper, keeping the half-moon dongle design of the HD-only Express.

The back has an HDMI output and a micro-USB port for power, as well as a reset button

The front is glossy and nondescript, with just one indicator light, the bottom part of which you can attach the box to the back of your TV.

The Express 4K Plus Roku has a voice remote so you can hide the box anywhere near your TV

 It will still work with no need for direct line of sight to control the player

In addition to the tape, the Roku includes micro-USB and HDMI cables and batteries for the remote

It comes with an adapter for power if you want to use it.

If you have the Roku plugged in for power, unlike the TV, it can also save you a few seconds of boot-up time.