Samsung galaxy s10 Today Special Discount

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 release date was Friday, March 8 and it was announced on February 20.

8 on March and it was announced on 20 February, with direct pre-orders opening in some countries.

in the US, Galaxy S10 pre-orders start on February 21.

Now that its successor has been launched, the S10 has been discounted.

The Samsung S10's 6.1-inch 19:9 Super AMOLED display panel looks better than anything Samsung sells its rivals and is crowned the most colorful display ever.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 design though has a few notable enhancements, two hidden surprises and one old classic.

Samsung Uses Qualcomm-Baked Tech That's Said To Be Better, And More Secure, Be Making A 3D Scan Of Your Print.

The switch on the back felt foreign on Samsung phones, but it's back on the front on the S10, this time tucked under the glass.

While the Samsung S10 can be used with one hand, the curved front and back edges help give the impression that the phone is narrower than it actually is.